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Collective Initiatives for Lasting Change

Collaboration creates opportunities, builds viable solutions, and generates equitable access to resources.

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Business Management Services

 Our services include organizational development, online business development, financial management & bookkeeping, and HR support.

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Community Development Initiatives

 Our efforts are focused on Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Policy & Advocacy, and Workforce Development.

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Client Testimonials

I am the owner of a health and wellness company, Alkalign Wellness and we aligned our self with this organization and could not be more pleased with the work they have assisted us with. Lenise and her team gave us the management, professionalism, and resources that we need to open our business. We are still currently working with them and are very pleased to have them literally get our company ready for business. They have helped us with organizing our sales and operations, marketing content, and even branding just to name a few. We are now a more confident, knowledgeable, functioning company thanks to their help. We can’t say THANK YOU enough.


Dr. Jasmine D. Simmons

Founder, Alkalign Wellness